About the Factory

Thai InnoFood Co.ltd.is the manufacturer and distributor of the sanitized fermented pork sausage Don Muang Km. 26 and Suddhiluck brand. Our main products are sanitized fermented pork sausage and other kinds of sanitized fermented pork sausage. Our sanitized fermented pork sausage has been popular among the customers for 40 years because of its unique taste, fresh ingredients and cleanliness. Thai InnoFood Co.ltd., former Suddhiluck InnoFood Co., Ltd., is Thailand’s first manufacturer of sanitized fermented pork sausage. The company is known to have invested cutting-edge food technology to produce sanitized fermented pork sausage, for instance, irradiation technology and biotechnology. The factory was selected to be a pilot Irradiated Food factory by The Office of Atoms for Peace. It was also selected by Thailand’s BIOTEC to be a pilot factory to produce sanitized fermented pork sausage with microbiological cultures. In addition, Thai InnoFood Co., Ltd. has been researching and applying new technology to other products, including product containers, flavors and hygiene, in order to increase the product quality and to expand the target customers.


Thai InnoFood’s factory is a GMP and HACCP factory that manufactures traditional sanitized fermented pork sausage and local Thai foods. The production procedures of the products are strictly monitored and controlled by nutrition experts. It is our primary concern to ensure safety and cleanliness of the products before distributing to customers.

Sanitised Fermented Pork Sausage and Its Safety

Whether or not irradiated foods are safe has been a frequently-asked question among consumers. For this matter, the Office of Atoms for Peace, in collaboration with the Faculty of Tropical Medicine and the Faculty of Science of Mahidol University, conducted a 5-year research on irradiated fermented pork sausage. The methodology was to have tested animals consistently consume irradiated sanitised fermented pork sausage for several age spans. The study reveals that the tested animals did not exhibit any abnormalities.

Additionally, the Council of Experts, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA), promulgated that irradiated foods with less than 10 kGy of radiation dose are safe to consume and do not need further tests.

Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health (No. 103) B.E. 2529 (1986), stating that sanitised fermented pork sausage is one of the 18 irradiated foods for consumption.

(Source:Office of Atoms for Peace, Ministry of Science and Technology)

Irradiated sanitised fermented pork sausage

Nham is a kind of fermented meat. It is made from the combination of raw pork, cooked pork skins, steamed rice, garlic, salt, fresh chili and other ingredients. Compressed in a plastic bag and wrapped with banana leaves, Nham is left for fermentation for 3 days before it is ready to serve. When fully fermented, the lactobacillus and the lactic acid in fermented pork sausage give sour taste and unique fragrance. These characteristics make Nham popular among the consumers.

This is why fermented pork sausage is best eaten uncooked. Cooking it only distorts the fragrance and the taste. Therefore, the consumers of fermented pork sausage are at risk of contracting bacteria andparasitic worms from pork such as Trichinellaspiralis, Taemiasolium and Salmonella bacteria which are responsible for diarrhea.

In order to make eating raw Nham without taking these risks, Thai InnoFood Co., Ltd. has invested in Gamma irradiation technology for food to produce fermented pork sausage. Customers can rest assured that our sanitised fermented pork sausage is totally safe and clean.

Gamma radiation

Gamma radiation is a highly penetrative electromagnetic radiation that arises from the radioactive decay. It is capable of eliminating bacteria and parasitic worms in food without leaving any radioactive substances. Therefore, Gamma irradiated foods are free of radioactive substances and bacteria while still preserve their original tastes. Furthermore, the amount of nutrients in sanitised fermented pork sausage lost from the irradiation process is relatively small, comparing to the amount of nutrients lost from other kinds of food preservation.

Irradiation Process of Sanitised Fermented Pork Sausage

According to research by the Office of Atoms for Peace, 2 kilorays (kGy) of Gamma ray can completely eliminate Salmonella bacteria and also improve the quality of microbes in fermented pork sausage. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University also found that parasitic worms can be eliminated by Gamma ray as well.

Irradiated fermented pork sausage must be fermented for 1 to 3 days for its best flavor. Sanitised fermented pork sausage products are irradiated at the Center of Irradiation for Food and Agricultural Products which is located in the Office of Atoms for Peace, Ministry of Science and Technology. Fermented pork sausage products receive Gamma ray directly from the source. After the irradiation process, sanitised fermented pork sausage will be tested to ensure that the amount of radiation does not exceed limit.

Irradiated fermented pork sausage can be preserved up to 10 days at room temperature, and up to 2 month if kept in a refrigerator. All in all, it can be preserved 2 weeks longer than non-irradiated fermented pork sausage.

Gray is a unit of the absorption of radiation. 1 Gy is the absorption of 1 joule of radiation energy per 1 kilogram of matter.

Premium Vietnamese Sausage

Made from high-quality ingredients without adding starch, our Moohyor (white pork sausage) is rich in flavor and guaranteed to melt in your mouth with each bite. Containing no preservatives, our Mooyor is manufactured using cutting-edge food technology. It is totally clean and safe to cook in various dishes.

Sliced Vietnamese Sausage with Chili

Yet another fine quality product made from high-quality ingredients, Sliced Mooyor with Chili is blended with fresh chilies and a variety of spices. Available in original flavor and black pepper, Sliced Moohyor with Chili does not contain preservatives, and the chilies are imported from farms free of pesticide residue. With high-tech food processing, Sliced Moohyor with Chili is guaranteed safe and clean.

Nham (Fermented Pork Sausage)

Perfectly blended with fresh pork loin, pork rinds, rice and selected garlic, Don Muang sanitized fermented pork sausage is uniquely flavorful and aromatic. Our sanitized fermented pork sausage is processed using cutting-edge food technology.

Sanitized Fermented Pork Sausage

Our sanitized fermented pork sausage is processed with irradiated food technology in order to eliminate parasitic worms responsible for food poisoning. Customers can rest assured that our sanitized fermented pork sausage is as safe as it is delicious.