More than 40 years ago, my grandmother moved from Suphanburi to Don Muang. Having been an excellent cook of sanitized fermented pork sausage (sour pork sausage), she started a small-scale family business. Because of its mellow and unique taste, her sanitized fermented pork sausage products garnered popularity through word of mouth. The factory was then situated near Don Muang Airport, hence the name Don Muang sanitized fermented pork sausage has been a catchy brand name among customers.

Year 1992

The factory was selected to be a pilot Irradiated Food Project by the Office of Atoms for Peace.

Year 2005

Sutthiluck InnoFood Co., Ltd. was founded by Pakpoom Homsuwan. The company has been the manufacturer and distributor of Sutthiluck Nham and Don Muang Nham Km. 26’s products.

Year 2006

Awarded by “Shell ChuanChim”

Year 2007

Developed a franchise system by the Department of Business Development.

Year 2009

The company made a significant investment in cutting-edge technology to produce and develop various products.

Year 2011

Participated in Product Development for Trading Partners

Year 2016

The company moved from Don Muang to Lamlukka Klong 7 and changed its name to Thai InnoFood Co., Ltd. The new brand name aimed to innovate, develop and upgrade the products as well as to increase manufacture of the products to both the international and domestic markets. The company has consistently been researching and developing new technologies to improve the flavor, hygiene and containers of its products. International standards are our primary concern.